Monday, April 2, 2018

Switchlist Worksheet

I have created a worksheet* on a spreadsheet program to assist me with writing up switchlists for the crew.

*Apologies for print quality. Printer ink was low. 

The top portion is for listing the cars at their current location on the layout.  The bottom section is used in conjunction with car cards and waybills to determine what goes where. The completed worksheet is then used to write up the crew's switchlist.

Here are some photos of the actual industry/interchange locations on the layout. Craft stick pieces are placed on the cars for illustrative purposes only. I do NOT use any physical car markers on the cars.

Off-Spot location availability is subject to track capacity 

The interchange tracks can also be used to off-spot cars for local industries. This availability to off-spot cars is subject to track capacity. Although the photos indicate additional track capacity, I have intentionally limited the number of cars that can be placed at the interchange tracks. This is due to previous operations testing which indicated capacity issues when additional cars were placed on the interchange tracks above the capacities listed on the worksheet.

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