Current Track Plan

Owensville Agricultural Switching & Industrial Services (OASIS v 4.1)

This layout build is a variation of the TOMA (The One Module Approach) method that is discussed at the MRH Web Site. I'm calling this TOMAx2 since I am building two module sections at the same time. Future expansion is possible as well.

Scale - HO 
Turnouts - #4 code 100
Track - code 100 flex track 
Min. Radius - 38"
Size - 12 x 96 inches (2 - 12" x 48" sections) 
Design Credit - Based on designs by Linda Sand & Stein Rypern 


  1. The plan looks like you will have some great switching sessions.

    1. I have been testing out a few operating schemes with it. A surprising amount of switching for a layout of this size.
      Thanks for the comment!